New Testament Bible Lesson Thirty-Two: The Growth and Persecution of the Early Christian Church

The disciples boldly proclaimed Christ and did miracles in His name. When they healed the crippled man, in the name of Jesus Christ, they were arrested. Although they were commanded not to preach of Jesus by the leaders, they were given faith and boldness to continue to preach and many believed.

This early Christian church continued to grow and was filled with the spirit of love. Many sold of their possessions and shared with those in need. Sadly, Satan also filled the heart of Ananias and Sapphira to sell of their possessions, not out of love but for honour. When they brought part of the money to the disciples they were punished by immediate death for lying to the Holy Ghost.

We notice how Satan will attack Christ’s church “as a roaring lion” by persecution or as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” from within the church. Yet God watches over His Church.

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