New Testament Bible Lesson Nineteen: Lazarus Raised and Jesus Receives Children

When Jesus came through Bethany He would often stay with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. One day , while Jesus was teaching near the Jordan, He received the mes- sage that Lazarus was very sick. His sisters expected that Jesus would come at once, but Jesus waited for two days and by that time Lazarus had died. Jesus then went to raise Lazarus from the dead, to prove His power over death so that those who saw it would glorify Him and believe in Him. Since this miracle was well known and could not be denied, His enemies hated Him and sought how they might kill Him.

One day some mothers bring their children to Jesus so that he will bless them. When the disciples try to send them away, Jesus calls them unto Him and teaches that not only can children be converted, but all those who would enter the kingdom of heaven must become like children.

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