New Testament Bible Lesson Fifteen: Truly the Son of God

Jesus constrained the disciples to take the ship and go to the other side of the lake, while He went onto a mountain to pray. While the disciples were toiling in a storm Jesus went to them walking on the water. The disciples were alarmed and thought it was a spirit, but when Jesus called unto them Peter desired to walk on the water to be with Jesus. Peter had to learn that it was only by faith in Jesus that he could walk on the water.

The time has come that Jesus will begin to prepare the disciples about His suffering and death. Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on a mountain where Moses and Elijah appear to talk with Jesus about His death. While they are on the mountain a father brings his demoniac son to the other disciples to be healed. Although the disciples had travelled around doing miracles they were not able to heal this boy. Once again man’s impossibility is God’s opportunity, not only to prove the power of God but also to instruct the disciples.

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